How I Pocketed $530 From Just 1.25 Hours Of Work Buying Cheap $10 Domains And Selling Them On To Other Desperate Marketers!...

And How You Can Replicate This System AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT For Fast, Easy Cash!

From: Ivan Correces And Aaron Danker
The “Real” Domain Flipping Formula
Tuesday, 8:47 a.m.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the most fool proof domain flipping formula on the net and want to start making some serious money online, then lock your doors, blind your windows, and unhook your phone...Study every word of this letter because it’s that important!

Now, what if I were to tell you that in less than an hour from now you could start generating cash online and start pulling in hundreds of dollars a day by flipping $10 domain names?

You’d probably think I was either completely nuts or full of B.S. and honestly I wouldn’t blame you.

But I'm sick and tired of seeing good people struggling to make money online, and that's why I’m taking the extraordinary step of giving you 100% full disclosure on one of the most lucrative and profitable domain flipping formulas!

Are you ready?

If you didn’t already know, a domain name is an internet address on the World Wide Web. Instead of using all numbers to identify a website address, a domain makes websites easy to remember and easier to type in your web browser.

Example: =

Domain flipping is a very straightforward process: The idea behind domain flipping is to purchase low cost domains and then sell them at a higher price. It's that simple.

I’m going show you everything and prove beyond any doubt that with my domain flipping formula anyone can generate cash online with barely any work.

That’s right, absolutely anyone can do it! I’ll prove it to you below…

But before moving forward... Will the Quick Flip Profit work for you?

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online, then I’m sure you’ve already came across hundreds of e-books, e-courses, biz-ops and other domain flipping systems promising to turn you into an overnight millionaire.

Well the truth of the matter is that most of those “get-rich-schemes” are really nothing more than regurgitated, rehashed, common knowledge and outdated systems.

You see, I’ve tried quite a few of these work-at-home courses.

Like you, I became interested in making money when I started reading about people who were making massive fortunes online. I tried almost anything I could get my hands on...But nothing seemed to work!

So, I tossed all the e-books and other crap I had purchased aside and decided to do things my own way!

After months of struggle, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson,

“Use a business model that truly works!”

If you want to start making some serious money online, the last thing you need is some useless system that doesn’t even work. What you do need is a completely real online business model proven to work!

Here's a recent flip of mine that took me approximately 30 minutes of work:

Despite the failures that I’ve experienced, I was able to tap into the domain flipping business which to my surprise began making money for me, consistently!

...And why would I share these incredible secret methods with you?

Because I used to be right where you are right now; I used to be broke, unable to support myself and my family and I’ve always been put down by people who told me I’d never “make it”.

Perhaps you’re a bit skeptical about the claims I’m making about Quick Flip Profit. I don’t blame you at all. It seems these days there’s always the latest and greatest magic pill being sold online.

As with any real business, you WILL have to put some effort in to get results.

Yes, Quick Flip Profit will require some effort. You’ll need to invest some time to see exactly how the formula works. And I’m going to show you all of that. I’m going to show you EXACTLY where to put your time and effort, exactly how it’s done, etc...

Now listen... Domain flipping is not rocket science!

First off, domain flipping has been around for a while now and the reason why flipping has become such a popular business online is mainly because of its simplicity, very low initial investment and the potential to make profits ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

You don’t need a college degree or an MBA to do business on the web.

I should know...I had ZERO business experience when I first started out. All I had was the desire to become my own boss and make some decent money online.

My name is Ivan Correces and before starting my online business, I was in school and barely making enough money to support myself in college. I spent every night browsing the internet to find ways to make money online.

I’m no genius, but it didn’t take long before I saw the potential of building a lucrative home-based business by buying and selling domain names.

So one day I sat down at my kitchen table, fired up the old laptop and started studying domain flipping methods that other marketers were using to pull in cash.

After an hour of research, I decided to pull the trigger and invest into a few domain names I thought seemed profitable.

Honestly, I feared I was wasting my time...But I needed something to work, I badly needed to make some money, so I tried it out, hoping for the best. I still wasn’t sure if I’d blown a few dollars away.

What happened a few days later... This just absolutely blew me away!

I couldn’t believe it! I received several emails asking me how much I was offering my domains for. I’ve invested only about an hour of work and a few bucks purchasing domain names and already started to see offers rolling in!

So I tried it again - Found new domain names and started to test and tweak my “flipping process”. And guess what happened?

You got it...The offers started to trickle in; emails offering to purchase my domain names and sites. I felt like I was being spammed by the same question over and over again...

“How much are you offering your domain for?”

And boy, that was an eye opener...And that was without any specialized domain flipping training!

Ever since I’ve started flipping domains, I haven’t looked back. I generate a few hundred bucks per day using my Quick Flip Profit, working less than 2 hours a day...And now I work from the comfort of my own home!

Let’s look at a few case studies...

Quick Flip Profit Case Study #1

Quick Flip Profit Case Study #2

Quick Flip Profit Case Study #3

Quick Flip Profit Case Study #4

Result: $530 profit and only 1.25 hours of work!

It's not your fault! Everything you thought you knew about domain flipping is DEAD wrong!

The problem with domain flipping today is that you’re in competition against many eager flippers all over the globe. And searching only for “hot domain names” is a dangerous way to play the game – You’ll be competing with thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing!

However, there is good news!

The “Quick Flip Formula” takes a new and effective approach to domain flipping; by targeting and profiting off local businesses, instead of trying to compete for major domain names that thousands of other marketers are fighting for.

The Quick Flip Formula also has an easy-to-follow plan and a unique approach that bypasses the main competition – and gives you a simple, profitable domain flipping niche guaranteed to pay off!

It's the perfect online business for anyone, whether you are...

  • A stay-at-home parent
  • Currently unemployed
  • A retiree who needs extra cash
  • A student who needs to pay off college debt
  • A graduate who lacks job experience
  • Looking to create an additional stream of income
  • Someone who wants to work from home
  • Someone who could use some extra cash
  • Somebody who is ready to fire their boss?

...Then the “Quick Flip Profit” is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

This formula also has amazing benefits for anyone wanting to make easy money in their free time...

A new life awaits those who dare to take action...

You can work from home.
All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
Start up costs are low.
No major expenses to invest into.
Takes up to 1 - 2 hour per day.
And you don’t have to work everyday.
There’s no complicated training involved.
My step-by-step process eliminates all the guesswork.
No face-to-face or “cold-calling” involved.
All your work is done on the internet.
Percentage of losing money is minimal.
If you do not sell a domain name you lose under $10.

And the best part of Quick Flip Profit, you’ll soon learn, you can repeat your success over and over again with the same step-by-step system to cash in every single time!

The next question is... What exactly is the Quick Flip Profit?

Now, you are probably wondering just how you can start flipping domains and start generating cash like me. As I’ve mentioned, Quick Flip Profit takes a new and effective approach to domain flipping by targeting local businesses.

There are local businesses at this very moment that would eagerly bid on any of these ‘chosen’ domain names without hesitation. Best of all, this is one of a few businesses that you can immediately move into with no previous experience required, no excessive studying or learning and NO major investment!

It just doesn't get much easier than this.

Discover the exact flipping formula you can use over and over again to generate cash you can pocket.

How to purchase $10 domain names
and double, triple or quadruple its online value using my formula.

And start earning a side income or even a full-time income flipping cheap domain names.

Now ask yourself a question... What’s holding you back from profiting off domain flipping?

After endless hours of testing, tweaking and selling domains, my foolproof “Quick Flip Formula” will change the way you make money online.

Once you’ve done the process a few times, it will be second nature and something you can easily do to generate cash flow. In the end, most of the “work” can be done in less than 15 minutes and you’re in command of the formula!

I’ve spent the last month recording my whole process on video using a screen capture program. This is absolutely no fluff, straight to the point, step-by-step process anyone can follow to go from zero to thousands of dollars every month.

Using a step-by-step action plan, the “Quick Flip Profit” answers all the questions you will have and many more.

You'll learn Quick Flip Profit step-by-step...

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll
discover within Quick Flip Profit:

Watch me put my own Quick Flip Profit to work...
I’ve recorded the formula on video and you’ll have an exclusive “behind-the-shoulder” look at the whole process!

8 informational-packed videos of everything you need to know!
Including practical tips and REAL case study of me putting the formula into action!

How to choose a domain name that will stuff your account with cash.
Learn how to choose domain names that will sell, and avoid the costly pitfalls that new domain flippers often make. Save money by choosing sure-fire winners, again and again...And you’ll learn my simple process for picking the highest selling domain name every single time.

How to pass the “profitable domain” test.
Fail this and your domain name is as good as dead.

How you can quickly throw together a fully optimized website in minutes.
Learn how to increase the price of your domain and site...So you can sell it for double, triple, or quadruple its worth!

Revealed: SEO technique to get your domain on the first page of Google search results in less than 5 days...The sneaky SEO tactic to optimize your website and content in only a few minutes...And show up on the first page within your “keyword or keyphrase” in Google!

The 7 Essential tools you’ll need for successful domain flipping.
The tools and plugins I use to save over 2 hours of work...You’ll really need to get this!

Which hosting and domain company you should use if you’re just starting out... This will save you a HUGE headache!

The secret to selling your domain names and sites.
You’ll learn who will be willing to purchase your domain, how to email them a professional proposal, and how to reel them in to buy your domains.

Step-by-step process from the domain registration to the selling process!
Learn how to get the most out of every domain registration and sit back while the offers (and cash) come in. It’s the simplest way to maximize your efforts while your run your domain sales whenever you feel like it.

The most successful blueprint and formula for long term domain flipping... Once you know the process, you can easily do it over and over again to generate income and start making a consistent income quickly and effortlessly with Quick Flip Profit!
And much much more!

Format: Streamable Videos
Downloadable Format: PDF
(This Program is Only Available Here)

Now I've been using this breakthrough formula for a while now. However, before launching this program, I decided to let some well respected marketers and online entrepreneurs take a sneak peek at the full course.

Here's what a few Quick Flip Profit users have to say...

"Quick Flip Profit shows the quickest way of domain flipping..."

Before discovering Ivan Correces' Quick Flip Profit, I have been wasting a lot of money buying domain names hoping to sell them at premium prices in the future to earn money from a $10 investment. I even keep a lot of domain names for years and setting them up for auto-renewal to be sure I won't lose them. But year after year after year, it hurts to see many of these domain names gathering digital dust and just showing an "Index of" page with no content whatsoever thus NOT earning a dime!

Quick Flip Profit shows the the quickest way of domain flipping! Finally, I see ROIs in the domain names I panic buy whenever I think of a good name... Now I see them as real money!-

Ian del Carmen
CEO of

"You should be charging way more for this information..."

Tom Lawrence


"Just Plain Common Sense..."

Hey Ivan,

Wow, easy money is what I call that. Everything articulated step-by-step, explaining a way to make cash online that is just plain common sense. Great looking system and as soon as I shake some change loose, I plan on implementing.

Thanks for the product!
Dylan Longlois

"I am excited about using your formula..."

Hello Ivan,

I have gone through the Quick Fllip Formula Videos and they are excellent! I am excited about using your formula for finding and choosing a profitable domain. I have purchased a couple of domains for a test drive, I will be going through the process of launching these domains and using your techniques For SEO optomisation. Your formula for getting on the first page of google is unique and I carn't wait to put it to the test! I will be processing that today...

Kind regards,
Anne Greenwood

"I'm confident your Quick Flip Profit will work!"

Alberto M.


"...The best product I've seen this year!"

I rarely give testimonials to other marketers but in this case I was compelled to simply because I think Ivan’s Quick Flip Profit is the best product I’ve seen this year! I’ve always been interested  domain flipping but it wasn’t until I used Ivan’s product that I finally made a good income from it. Personally, what I love most about QFF are the detailed videos which leave no stone unturned. So if you’re looking for a truly DIFFERENT way to make an income online then is the product for you.

Brian Wynn

"I was honestly still a skeptic until recently."

Ivan, thanks for the great info!

I was reluctant to even buy QFF at first due to bad experiences with other products I've purchased online in the past. I'm glad I took the chance and went with your course.

I was honestly still a skeptic until recently. I've gone through the course from top to bottom, and had 3 of my 5 domains popup in the search results of Google. I emailed all my prospects and received 2 inquires this morning! That's incredible.

This flipping formula is ingenius. I can't begin to thank you enough for all of this!

Randy H.
Online Marketer


Think about it...With the right information I was able to turn a few measly $10 domains into hundreds of dollars profit. Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

I’ve done all the hard work for you by spending months of testing and tweaking the lastest domain flipping methods and putting it into an east to follow step-by-step blueprint you can easily copy!

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as a part of a high-ticketed seminar - This information is worth thousands to the right person, and I could sell Quick Flip Profit for $199 - $499, easily.

But instead of going through all the trouble of having packaging and CD-ROM’s created – I’ve decided to deliver the whole package digitally, on high quality videos and digital content as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me).

I’ve decided to price my step-by-step formula at truly affordable price...

Quick Flip Profit
- Step-By-Step Videos ($149.97 Value)
Quick Flip Profit - Resources and Manuscript ($49.97 Value)

You can legally steal my whole formula for just $199.97, $147, $97
Only $47 for a limited time

(Don’t worry, downloading everything is a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users.) You can download the entire package instantly!

And to make this offer completely a no-brainer... Order today and get my original e-courses absolutely FREE!

Here's what you'll discover in your
first bonus: "Outsource Profits"

Outsource Profits will teach you how to build a profitable online business from the ground up - You'll learn how to find OTHER people to build your business and do all the work for you without spending a fortune.

The full OP package includes...

OP videos, outsource material, outsources tips and strategies and much more content to build your business from the ground up!
The insider secrets of online outsourcing - Learn how the top marketers pay others to develop and create highly-profitable products for them!
Learn how to work smarter, not harder! How to apply the 80/20 work rule to yourwork,lifestyle and online business.
How to find and outsource freelancers to create a profitable niche products or website for you - ebook and article writing, sales copy, website design, software programming, etc...Fast and Affordable!
How to take advantage of other people to do ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. Also, how to pay them a fraction of what you'd normally pay for online projects.
A walkthrough of how to use both free outsourcing websites to find a freelancer who specializes in your particular niche.
How to set your outsourcing budget and details of how to negotiate your price.
"...Project managers will pay anywhere from __ to __ percent of the final budgeted amount up front as an advance."
Easy steps to creating an effective outsourcing ad - This is crucial, as it can affect the number and the quality bids you receive for your project.
Plus much more!
$97.00 Value (Exclusive Bonus) - Yours FREE!

Here's what you'll discover in your
second bonus: "SMO Elite"

SMO stands for "Social Media Optimization"

You'll get your hands on the brand new SMO Elite Ebook!

This brand new program is packed with cutting-edge information that gives you the edge over any other technique out there. It shows you techniques online entrepreneurs use to gain an unfair-advantage over their online competitors.

The information unleashed here will give you the complete step-by-step Social Media blueprint to build an online presence using my SMO Elite Techniques...

How to gain online popularity and rise to the top without worrying about inserting repetitive keywords in your content!
How to connect with your prospects and have THEM spread and promote your website to their contacts. Viral word of mouth marketing!
The rules of creating a solid foundation for your website so you ensure the success of keeping your customers coming back!
There’s no complicated training involved.
My step-by-step process eliminates all the guesswork.
How to go after your target market instead of waiting for your target market to find you!
Learn 9 basic characteristics and rules you should have and implement into your online business...These elements have nothing really to do with the technical aspect of your website, but everything to do with you as the site builder.
Learn step-by-step strategies of how to implement SMO Elite specifically for your only business or niche. And use the SMO Elite strategy worksheet to help assist and define your work activities.
And so much more!

$97.00 Value (Exclusive Bonus) - Yours FREE!

These bonuses plus Quick Flip Profit package have a combined total value of over $400.00. And that’s a fair estimate of what it would cost you to learn my fool-proof formula. But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you over $400 for this amazing opportunity to start profiting insanely from domain flipping.

You get everything you see listed above plus fast action bonuses for
only $199.97, $147,$97, $47!

"You’ll also get my personal iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee!"

My Guarantee: Get Quick Flip Profit right now, watch the videos and read over the content. Try the information out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied with Quick Flip Profit within 60 Days after purchasing, I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It’s that simple!

That means you can try out the whole domain flipping formula at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. I’ll provide you with full featured videos and informational content, in addition to the many bonuses, I want you to share the success that I continue to have.

No matter the outcome, I think you'll agree that Quick Flip Profit is worth a shot!

Are you ready to cash in and make some REAL money?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s 3:00 in the morning or 3:00 in the afternoon. You can download the Quick Flip Formula right NOW! For only $199.97, $147, $97 $47

If you're serious about making money online and earn hundreds of dollars flipping domains, then you shouldn't really think too hard about getting this program...

Now, If you want these 'insider secret' domain flipping methods and techniques, then place your order below and you'll get instant access within a few minutes of ordering.

I'm ready to claim my copy of Quick Flip Profit and grab my free bonus gifts!

  I understand I'll get...
The entire Quick Flip Profit startup e-course that includes the cutting-edge domain flipping blueprint!
Immediate access to the members download area containing content-packed informational videos detailing the QFF step-by-step formula...And additional bonus content!
All the QFF informational materials and comprehensive resources needed to make this Quick Flip Profit a breeze!
Special Bonus #1: Outsource Profits Blueprint - How to find OTHER people to build your business and do all the work for you without spending a fortune. Yours Free!
Special Bonus #2: SMO Elite - The complete step-by-step Social Media blueprint to building an online presence for you and your business. Yours Free!

Only 500 copies available... act now!

You'll get immediate access to Quick Flip Profit and all the videos, content and materials on the other side of this page.
There's absolutely no risk with your 60 day money-back guarantee!
I'm only letting in a limited number of individuals to make sure the quick flip formula doesn't get diluted like a lot of other domain flipping strategies. Get in now, or you make lose your chance forever...

The next move is up to you. If you’re ready to take advantage of the most fool proof domain flipping formula on the net and want to start making some serious money online, you owe it to yourself to invest in this offer! So why don’t you give Quick Flip Profit a try now?

To your success,

Ivan Correces And Aaron Danker

P.S. – I’ve broken down my entire step-by-step blueprint and formula for successful domain flipping! Once you know the process, you can easily do it over and over again to generate income and start making a consistent income quickly and effortlessly with Quick Flip Profit!

P.P.S. – Get the “Quick Flip Profit” right now, watch the videos and read over the content. Try the information out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied with Quick Flip Profit within 60 Days after purchasing, I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. Try my Quick Flip Profit system today!

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